HHKB HiPro Keycap Set(Phase 1)

Pride Month Color set(Phase 1)

JIS Layout Black Keycap Set(Phase 1)

JIS Layout Pink Keycap Set(Phase 1)

Blue Keycap Set(Phase 1)

Black Keycap Set(Phase 1)

Pink/White Keycap Set(Phase 1)

Ivory Keycap set(Phase 1)

Pink Keycap set(Phase 1)

White Keycap set(Phase 1)

Purple Keycap set(Phase 1)

Any/Beige Keycap Set(Phase 1)



Advance payment for a GB of full set of HiPro Keycaps, full price will be $150 includes shipping. Coupon is NOT allowed to use for GB Orders. Production will be started in 7.1 and leading time will be 8-10 weeks, Phase 2 payment will be notified via Email and discord. if privilege shipping is required, please contact me and additional shipping fee will also be collected at the time. If payment is expired after purchase or failed to pay from Stripe please, directly contact me to re-open it or pay it via PayPal invoice.