I'm Tim Lee, the owner of this little lab.

I started this hobby since graduated from high school, because I'm a programming nerds at the moment,while I'm trying keyboards with different type of switches to find my best partner, I've been fully attracted by the capabilities of keycap exchange, it just makes me feels so good to test with different combinations. But yet, until I grabbed a topre based keyboad - realforce 87U, recommended from one of my friend, I was stunned by the scarcity and the price for its keycaps sets at the moment. I know is time to get my hands dirty now.Thats the start of my journey.

Luckily I'm also an anime fan and I love the progress how a figure is created, I started my journey to create my own keycap prototypes like so, there arent much tools like we have today, but I does really love it, it is fun. And now I'm mostly focused on 3d designing the keycaps and prototype with 3d printing and CNC. But I still create some of them by hands instead of machine, just like the feel how something is built from scratch in front of my eyes.

TL;DR. This store sells keycaps varies from resin keycap to CNC keycaps milled wooden/stabilized wood/metal. Mostly of them(unless artisan resin casted caps) are created unique.I'd love to share my works with each one of you who loves keyboard, and I'm willing to listening to your request & bring some of your ideas into life as unique present for you.

You can follow my Instagram(keysculptnerds) account to check my latest updates before I put onto sell, also don't be hesitated to contact me if you'd like to create something there's nowhere exists, I'm loving to hear your request.

Happy Clicky.


Tim Lee