Product specific questions

What does size of 1U means?

1U means 19.05mm, length(left to right) of the keycap.

What is keycap’s profile(OEM/SA/DSA etc.) means?

It refers to the shape and the height of the keycap. Most mechanical keyboards comes with either OEM or cherry profile keycap.

What is R1-R4 row means?

R1 means the top row(ESC,F1,F2,etc) in my shop, the defination maybe be different from different website, and R4 means the bottom in general, for some profile that could be R5 instead.

What type of stem do you provide for your keycap?

We do support two types of stem at the moment.

  1. TMX(Topre and mx adaptive, but i do only test topre functionality for this type of stem), they can be used on HHKB/Realforce topre adaptive keyboards
  2. Cherry MX Stem, most generic stem that can be used on any mechanical keyboards you can find in the market supports MX(Cross center) switches.

What kind of profile do you support?

Currently we do support creating the following profiles :

  1. OEM Profile
  2. Cherry Profile
  3. DSA Profile
  4. SA Profile
  5. XDA Profile
  6. KAT Profile
  7. HHKB OEM Profile(All caps for hhkb labeled OEM are HHKB OEM, they looks different from HHKB OEM keycaps, but have a similar shape and hight when installed on board)
  8. HHKB HiPro Profile(The same with above)

Currently I’m still working on my showcase caps to fill my shop with the purchase link for each of the profile, before everything’s ready you can directly contact me for creating custom listing if they are not available in the products page, and if you do have any special profile of the keycap you would like me to create, send me a ticket, I will be glad to try to get some demo caps and make it available if possible.

What size of the keycap can you make?

For HHKB/Realforce specific(topre) we do support the following sizes:

  1. R1(Top)-R4(Bottom) all OEM and hipro caps in standard size.
  2. JIS size keycap are available as well.
  3. 7U spacebar is not available, only 6U and 6.25U(for latest realforce product line like R2).

special size or special requirement just sends me a ticket, we can discuss about the detail if possible(mostly they can’t be tested before shipping out though).

For Cherry MX specific:

  1. All standard ANSI keycaps size are available.
  2. For spacebar currently we do support 3U(minimal)/4.75U(Plum Atom)/5.5U/6U(Razer)/6.25U(Standard)/7U(Long spacebar like HHKB kits)

For off-center caps or ISO Enter, please directly contact me with your requirement, they might not listing in my support list because I can’t test it on my end before shipping it out.

What kind of the wood do you use in the shop?

Most frequently used are walnuts/maple/bamboo/beech wood, red sandal wood, rosewood, bocote, birdeye maple, snakewood and all other kind of scarce species are also often use as my options for ReadyToShip keycaps.
For other kind of the wood please directly contact me, we will see if we can source some for the task within a reasonable price.

What is resin/wood keycap?

Resin wood keycap are either nature edge wood or manually created wood splinter filled with void with colored resin, which can bleeds out the lighting from the keyboard, combines both the beaut of the nature and the vibe of the light.
But not like river wood table, keycap have a very limited space to use, so all resin/wood keycaps are carefully picked or designed to meet the requirement for creating a good looking balance, but as always, good art usually comes from surprise, most resin/wood caps are made unique, and is impossible to achieve the same result, except for some special regular pattern designs which have the edge of the wood CNC milled out that makes it somehow replicable.

What is Stabilized wood?

Stabilized wood is a timber that has had an acrylic polymer dissolved into a solvent, and then forced into the wood through a mix of vacuum and pressure cycles.
To put it simple, is resin injected wood(mostly burl wood), which both make the wood more durable to break and humidity change and capable to inject colors into inside the wood.

Stabilized wood is used in various of luxuary applications to create a combination of nature of wood and mysterious coloring sense. We do both create stabilized wood by ourself and source it from other good designers for a best looking keycap we could make. Keycaps made of stabilized wood are generally sanded til 10000 grits to pull out the best potential of the material.

Manufacture & Shipping & Payment

How does the keycap made?

There are generally 4 steps of creating a CNC keycap

  1. Prepare the wood stock, if it is pure wood, it would be much easier, stabilized wood and resin/wood might requires 1-2 week additional time for preparation.
  2. Milling out the keycap and resin cast the stem.
  3. Intall the stem into the cap and do functionality test
  4. Sanding and finishing, this in general takes 3-5 days depends on quantity and material finish required.
    For sculpted resin keycap, they generally requires to create a silicon mold and the do the casting, this process time differs from case to case, in general takes around 2-3 weeks.

How much does shipping cost?

$6 for all the countries/areas I do support. Free shipping for any order above $30.

How long does it takes from ordering to shipping?

There are two type of keycaps available in my shop

  1. OnDemand
    Leading time in general takes around 1-2 weeks depends on the material and finishing time required, I will send an additional email to notify if the waiting time might significantly longer than expected.
    Or send me a query if I didn’t ship it out or send any notifications 10 days after purchase, I will let you know if there are any significantly delay and the ETA for the shipping.
  2. ReadyToShip.
    They should be sent out within 3 work days after the order is made.

Do you take a OnDamand order for large quantity caps(like a full keycap set)?

Send me a ticket if you would like to create a large quantity of caps(more than 20), depends on schedule the leading time can be varied quite significantly like 1-2 months instead of weeks.

Where does the keycaps manufactured?

All Keycaps in this shop are personally made in house in China, no parts(except for wood itself) were sourced from any factory, all caps produced will be tested with functionality before shipping it out.

Which shipping company do you use and how long does it takes to arrive?

I use SFExpress for most of my orders, they are taking 15-21 days arriving most of the countries I do support. But due to the COVID restriction currently a lot of packages are either delayed before arriving the destination country. You can check the progress either from 17track or SFexpress’s official website for tracking information.

Can I use Express shipping(Fedex/UPS etc) for faster/safer delivery?

Currently I didn’t provide this option in my cart yet due to the price varies daily, but of course we can, send me a ticket after your order. I will check the cost and send you a dedicate invoice for that.

What kind of payment do you support?

Currently the website system only supports Stripe( credit/debit card payment) and all price listed are in USD. If you do prefer to use PayPal please directly contact me via ticket after you have placed the order(don’t need to finish the payment in the website), I will send you a PayPal invoice instead.

Customs & Refund policy

Does the shipping company handles import tax/tariffs when passing the customs?

No. Custom requirement differs quite a lot depends on where you live. For such consideration, please direct contact me, I will create you an invoice to ship with FedEx or UPS, they have the option to handle for the import tax.

For US personal users probably you don’t need to bother with the customs at all unless you are shopping for more than $1000 goods in general.

Do you supports order refund or cancel?

Order cancel is not supported, please contact me if you have any questions before taking the order.

Refund is acceptable in policy but not recommend for most of the orders. Due to the shipping fee for sending back might be pretty high(more than $20-30 in general).
If the keycap have functional problem or broken due to transportation, feel free to contact me, After making sure it doesn’t works properly, I will see if I can create a replacement and send it out for free(broken one don’t need to send back)
For the rest of the case I will need to do the refund after the original product is sent back without any noticeable harm after receiving the package.